Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Wipro might be a great place to work in

Wipro just opened in Cebu. A couple of months old I think. I pass by their office because it's across one of the biggest commercial centers in the city. It's just across Ayala center Cebu. At first I thought, no big deal. Just another BPO - that's business process outsourcing place for those that aren't familiar.

Anyway I didn't intentionally read about them, but as I was browsing on FastCompany.com, I chanced on this article that actually praises the Wipro business and recruitment model.

Apparently, Wipro has set up such a huge campus in Bangalore India that it looks like Harvard. It's a great place to learn. What Wipro has done is taken the needs of their company and decided to teach it to the populace. Instead of waiting for schools to spit out the right candidates for jobs after they graduate, they thought - what the heck, let's teach them.

And so Wipro now has a library, classrooms, lab, and lecture-hall trappings of a university. They teach everything from Japanese to advanced engineering that may just be as good as any school in the West. They have mandatory development classes for newbies as well as voluntary graduate-level coursework, which means everyone from staff members to managers get to take advantage of a wonderful learning atmosphere while they work.

I guess for Wipro that would be a necessity considering they have 80,000 employees and growing! It's just amazing! I defintely admire what they've done with growth for their employees. I would definitely stay in a company that offer me that much learning and growth. Not only am I paid to do my job, but I'm paid to improve myself. Too bad I didn't find an opening for the Cebu office on their website. I would love to be part of a culture like that.

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